Why Yachtlite?

Quite simply: because only YACHTLITE provides the highest quality available today. And, because YACHTLITE offers the highest quality and most sophisticated products – entirely "made in Germany"

From the very beginning YACHTLITE has always provided only the very best products and service for the very challenging super yacht market. And, not seldom have poorer quality imitations needed to be replaced by YACHTLITE lettering. YACHTLITE customers appreciate the outstanding workmanship because after all, yacht letterings must endure the harshest of elements, therefore durability and weather resistance is an absolute must.

The YACHTLITE quality remains unequalled in today's market emphasising YACHTLITE's position as the global market leader for illuminated lettering.

And not only that: YACHTLITE can realise every concievable special request, ensuring the desired individuality for every yacht.


We also maintain the most stringent of quality controls and not even the smallest detail is left to chance.

For example: The single LEDs are embedded into the solid acrylic by hand – an almost unheard of fact in today's industrial times. But we achieve what we promise – 100% perfect workmanship, homogeneous illumination, high quality surfaces, inspiring service. That's YACHTLITE.

Our motor: we love what we do and we do it with enthusiasm. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and we are convinced: with a YACHTLITE product satisfaction is guaranteed.

Exclusivity by YACHTLITE:

Only YACHTLITE provides the highest quality yacht lettering available today. Single LEDs ensure perfect, homogeneous illumination without any lightspots.

YACHTLITE supplies an extensive range of surfaces, materials and colours to your individual taste. All special requests can be realised with guaranteed YACHTLITE quality.

Illuminated lettering is not YACHTLITE's only speciality: StairLites, Floodlights and the new unique FormLites complement YACHTLITE's extensive product range.

Unique HighLites ensuring variety and individuality with YACHTLITE quality: Porcelain covering adds elegance to every lettering. Letterings with RGB colour change will guaranteed attract attention.

YACHTLITE simply provides the best service and the best quality. Professional and expert advice guarantees satisfaction for every customer. Our quality is unequalled!




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